Maybe now you can really sleep on the plane

Travel pillow helps you sleep on long flights
If you want to get a bit of rest on your next flight but just can’t seem to get comfortable in the slightly-reclining seats, this could be your next purchase.

I’ve never been able to sleep very well on an airline flight. The seats just don’t go back far enough and I keep waking up since my head has no support on the flat headrest.

Enter the Skyrest Travel Pillow. It’s an air-filled device that is designed to be set on your lap (or the tray table) and sticks-up high enough that you can lean forward on it and hopefully sleep a bit better. It looks goofy, but many travel accessories do. You just open the valve and pull the pillow open to draw air in. Release the valve and squeeze to deflate. Simple.

Get the Skyrest Travel Pillow for $25 and get some ZZZZs on that next red-eye flight!


  1. At the risk of sounding like a spammer you may be interested in two new pillows available that are wonderful travel pillows, indoors and outdoors. I invented the SquidFace and ComfyRest pillows to alleviate the pain from my herniated disk while lying on my stomach in the sun with my head turned to the side to breathe. They can be enjoyed ergonomically facedown (even on a laptray), on your side or back If your plane is delayed their value will truly be on the airport floor for comfort. They can be viewed at

  2. Thanks for the comment, Bob, and no, it wasn’t spammy 🙂 I’m thrilled to have an inventor reading my site – I’ve always wanted to invent something, but just “never got around to it” (the common excuse I suppose).


  3. Bob,

    Pretty neat. Seeing the comfortable model on the bottom of the page reminded me of a lady telling me about her sleeping woes. She loved to sleep on her stomach but when she got pregnant she had a hard time doing so. Maybe this would have helped her out. One for her head, and another for her belly!


  4. Good idea Al!!

  5. i think it is a good idea better than someones shoulder