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Trackstick GPS tracker uploads to Google Earth
Here’s a really cool idea – a personal GPS recorder that uploads to Google Earth so you can see exactly where you’ve been.

Man, would I have loved to have this when I did my tour of Europe!

The GPS Trackstick is a small device that’s powered by two AAA batteries which just throw in your pocket and carry with you as you move around. At designated intervals, it records your coordinates using the GPS satellite tracking system. There is 1MB of on-board memory, so you can record quite a few travels before having to upload to a computer.
Example of data from the Trackstick overlaid on Google Earth
Once you do upload to a computer via the built-in USB port, the data is integrated into Google Earth and you can see your path right on the screen!

That’s pretty cool! The Trackstick GPS tracker is a bit pricey at $180, but if it’s durable and long-lasting, it might be worth having if you travel a lot or just want to see how you spend your days.