Keep your RV’s sewage hose from flying around!

The Hose Buddy keeps RV drain hoses securely in place
When you’re draining the sewage tank on your recreational vehicle, the last thing you want is the end of the hose coming unplugged from the drain pipe. Yuck!

I’m not a RVer, but from what I hear, keeping the drain hose connected to the drain is a real problem. Traditionally, people had to hold the drain hose on manually or some even got creative and used rocks to weigh the hose down. One has to wonder why there isn’t some kind of standard retention device on the drains, but what do I know.

Anyway, to make it easier to keep the poop hose plugged-in when you go RVing, you might want to check-out the Hose Buddy. It’s a plastic container that you fill with two gallons of water so that it weighs 16 pounds. The plastic is specially molded so that it will sit firmly on top of the drain hose and keep it from disconnecting. Definitely much safer than leaning rocks!

The Hose Buddy is $13 and is available in several colors. You can read a Hose Buddy review as well and it sounds like it really works.


  1. Good idea, I was draining the tank on my travel trailer and the hose came off the trailer, not good, I took a bath. Thankfully the campground showers were near by.