Convert rolling luggage to hold your kid as well

Attach a carseat to your rolling luggage
If you just can’t bash enough ankles as you run through the airport wildly pulling your rolling luggage, now you can strap your kid’s car seat on (and even put the kid in it) and really smack some shins on your fellow travelers!

OK, all jokes aside, this is a pretty cool idea. You may already have one of those squareish bags that has the extending handle that you pull behind you when traveling. It’s a good idea and certainly convenient.

However, for people with small children, you will generally also want to carry the child’s car seat, and very likely also the child when you travel.

This ingenious little strap lets you attach the child’s carseat onto the front of the pull-type luggage so you can carry little Joey in his seat along with your luggage, in a stress-free manner. Well, as stress-free as modern air travel can be, that is. Once you try the Traveling Toddler, you will really appreciate having that extra hand free to hold your plane tickets, dig through a baby bag, and whatever else you need that extra hand for.

Grab the Traveling Toddler car seat accessory for only $15. Just remember to watch-out for the rest of us – we’d like to get to our destinations without bruised ankles and shins!


  1. Great idea, but only if the handles are secure. Not for cheap luggage.

  2. is a very good idea, but as Paul says we must ensure that the bag has a grip strong enough to withstand the weight of the baby