Clean that filthy, infected airplane air

Plane Clean air filter for use on airplanes
They say that airplanes are a major source of sickness — you and a hundred plus people all coughing and sharing the same air. How are you to avoid getting sick before the vacation you’re flying to?

You grab the Plane Clean air filter, that’s what!

You simply attach the filter to the little air blower above your seat, which we’re all familiar with, and it grabs all the nasty germs and bad things from the air as they’re blown out the vent. It allows you to create a sort of laminar flow setup around your seat where “pure” air is continually flowed around you, thus keeping the “dirty” air away.

The Plane Clean air filter is reasonably priced at only $20, which is a real value if it keeps you from getting sick at the beginning of your expensive vacation!


  1. Bullshit!!! No way this helps at all.