Your very own remote control UFO

Vectron remote control UFO
The perfect gift for the alien-fan in your family!

The Vectron Ultimate is a free-flying remote controlled UFO that’s perfect for kids or any other gizmo fan. The Vectron can be used indoors or out and features a safe design which protects the propeller inside of the lightweight foam and carbon-fiber body. Remote control can be done from up to 30 feet after charging the Vectron for only a few minutes from the built-in charger.

I’ve played with the non-ultimate version of these in the local mall and they were pretty cool. Control is very simple and the ability to recharge the UFO right from the transmitter within a few minutes will keep your kids (big or small) entertained. The
Discovery Remote Control Vectron Ultimate
is only $40 from the Discovery Channel Store.


  1. Hey! these are no toys! these are real gadgets we’re using back at Naboo! I’ve lost them thousands of years ago and I hope these are the ones that I use personally!