Ultimate Lego Millennium Falcon

Lego collector's set builds the Millennium Falcon
Mmmm… Star Wars and Lego… Like peanut butter and chocolate! If you’re into Star Wars Lego sets, this is the absolute hands-down ultimate Millennium Falcon boxed Lego set you can buy!

Lego has had a long-running license to produce Star Wars themed toys. This led to a plethora of spaceship looking kits and Darth Vader style “minifigs” which are lusted after by both Lego collectors and Star Wars fans everywhere. However, it seems that Lego has decided to take the Star Wars series to a new level with the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set!

The Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set includes over 5,000 Lego pieces making it the largest set ever produced. In those 5,000 pieces, you’ll find an extending boarding ramp, five minifigs (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy, and Obi-wan), ultra detailed laser cannons and ship interiors, and even an official collector’s display card. Once you manage to assemble everything, your Lego Millennium Falcon will be over 33 inches long and 22 inches wide!

Collect all of your gift-cards from the holidays and grab the massive Lego Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon for the massive price of $400 (a $100 discount over the Lego store). Just don’t let the kids play with it and lose the pieces before you get the chance to build it at least once!