Toy Security Checkpoint

Teach your kids about the joys of modern airline travel with this security checkpoint playset
Teach your kids about long lines, grumpy people, and the wonderful world of modern air travel with this amazing security checkpoing playset!

Airline travel has become such a chore these days. First there’s the ticket prices and extra fees for those wanting to take some clothes in a suitcase rather than run around naked on their vacation. And, of course, you have the security checkpoints – everyone’s favorite place to remove your shoes, walk on filthy floors, throw-out your unopened can of Coke, and wait in slow-moving lines for ages.

Now, you can prepare your children for such enjoyment using the Playmobil Security Check Point playset! The set includes a couple TSA agent play-people as well as a hurried traveler who just wants to get to her destination. Your kids can run the luggage through the mini X-ray scanner and push the traveler through the metal detector.

However, the real treasure in this toy is the reader reviews. Make sure to check-out the Playmobil Security Check Point for $55 or so and scroll-down for the reviews.


  1. It’s bad enough having to suffer through the insanity of the airport checkpoint let alone having to play at it with the kids.

    i won’t be buying this one for them, they’d drive me nuts and I’m nuts enough already.