Shooting arcade with hovering targets

Shooting arcade with hovering targets
This table-top shooting arcade forgoes the standard duck targets in favor of something more novel: floating ball targets!

Unlike most shooting arcade games which use standard targets that are simply knocked-over when you hit them, this Hovering Target Shooting Game will give you a bit more exercise as you chase the targets around the room after hitting them. You see, the targets are foam balls which float in mid-air on a cushion of air!

The toy gun shoots suction-cup tipped foam darts and automatically loads the next dart when you pull the slider. The target has five air jets which can be adjusted to hold the foam ball targets at your preferred height. A storage drawer holds the targets when not in use.

Get your own Hovering Target Shooting Game for $40 and take it to the office for some fun. Or, I guess you could buy it for a kid’s gift, but where’s the fun in that?


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