Inflatable motorcycle video game

Are you a bit short on space for a full-size arcade motorcycle racing game? Or maybe you’re not quite ready to spend $14,000 on a game for your kids. No matter – here’s your answer!

Anyone who’s been in an arcade in the last few years knows that the trend has been to have “realistic” video games, such as motorcycle racing games where you actually sit on a fiberglass model bike and lean it left and right to play the game.

The problem with these arcade machines is that they’re huge, heavy, and expensive! For a motorcycle simulator game, you’re easily looking at 600 pounds or more and for something relatively modern, a staggering $14,000 pricetag for the machine! 😮

So, for most people, their kids will just have to do without… or will they?

For $30, you can get this inflatable “motorbike” for your 3+ year olds to ride while playing a moto-cross style game. It plugs into your TV and give racing sounds while your future racer zooms around the course using the built-in handlebars. Not bad, and for most kids, it’ll do the trick.

Get the Inflatable moto-cross video game setup for $30. If your kids aren’t easily fooled and/or you’re rich, feel free to shop the games below instead!

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  1. What little boy wouldn’t want that for Christmas? 🙂

    Very cool and affordable too.

  2. looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

  3. This is pretty cool… and it’s nice and lightweight for when it’s time to put it away.

  4. Wow, only $30?? These should be very popular.

  5. Too bad I’ve already bought gift for Christmas for my son. But I wonder if dad can also play on it ?

  6. I got one for my son and he loves it!

  7. My two nephews would love this and I dare say their Dad too! At only 30 bucks a great price too.