Geek out with a replica Trek Old Series Tricorder

Replica Star Trek old series tricorder
Move over, Spock! If you’ve ever wanted to pretend you’re on an episode of the old series of Star Trek, you’ll be super-excited about this replica tricorder. Read-on for more details…

If you’re a Trekkie, or maybe know someone who is, there’s a good chance this replica tricorder will perk your Vulcan ears up. It’s based upon the Star Trek original series, and as such, features a classic 23rd century design. It’s powered by some very old fashioned normal, Earth-style AA batteries to produce the various bleeps and bloops you’ll instantly recognize as ST:TOS.

The replica tricorder is $40 or so and if you really want to geek-out, you can grab a matching Star Trek phaser and communicator set. Just don’t let the jocks see you or you might get beat up!


  1. Hehe, looks pretty neat. I’m not a real big Star Trek fan, but I know some one who would really like this.

  2. Dropped by again couldn’t believe there’s no further comments. Gee Whiz… 🙂