Ambush office workers with a radio control missile launcher

Radio controlled toy which launches up to 10 foam missiles
This fun toy lets you have foam-missile battles with your buddies at the office. It’s a wireless, radio controlled mobile missile bank!

There are plenty of “office toys” out there, some of which purport to let you launch projectiles, but most are pretty lame. Some are stationary launchers that you point at the entrance to your office and others are handheld guns, which admittedly can be quite fun.

However, nothing beats being able to drive a small radio controlled military vehicle into the next cube and blast the inhabitant with up to TEN foam “missiles” and to do it from a nice, safe remote location. That’s exactly what the Vavolo USB Missle Control Tank does!

Interestingly, the hand-held controller plugs into your computers USB port, which lets you save a little battery life, but also, it appears you can control the tank via software. That could make for some interesting robot-challenge battles for schools and hobby groups who don’t want to build the robots from scratch.

The USB Missile Control Tank is only $80 and comes complete with batteries, software, ten foam missiles, and the equipment. Better get one before your co-workers do!

A quick movie showing the operation is below.