Personal snake-cam lets you peek in small places

Flexible probe camera lets you spy and peek around corners
If you’ve ever watched those James Bond movies where they use the little bendy snake camera to look around corners and under doors, here’s your chance to actually own one!

Here’s a specialty tool if I’ve ever seen one! Rigid, the tool brand you typically find sold at Home Depot, has introduced a small flexible inspection camera designed to let the handyman in everyone inspect, peek, peer, poke, and prod everywhere while looking for problems or even just that dropped screw.

The SeeSnake Micro has a color LCD screen to display the image captured by the camera at the end of the three foot long cable. You can extend the camera’s reach up to 30 feet if you’re really wondering what’s at the bottom of that unused pipe in your backyard. The camera’s path is illuminated by a couple of solid state LEDs so you don’t need an external light-source.

Get the Rigid SeeSnake Micro for $240 if you’re really into specialty tools or pretending to be James Bond.

[Thanks Gearlog]