Duplicate angles quickly for your projects

The Angle-izer helps you duplicate angles for your home improvement projects
Do you have hobbies which require you to cut strange angles and match shapes? Do you do your own home improvement projects? If so, you’ll see that this tool will be immediately useful.

The Angle-izer may have a questionable name, but it is a tool that is obviously very handy for cutting angles and shapes into raw materials. You can use the tool to fit ceramic tile into an odd corner or bevel a piece of trim to fit your latest DIY furniture masterpiece.

The Angle-izer is made from durable glass-filled-nylon and uses thumbscrews for quick adjustment. A Windows software disc is included to help you fit pieces into circular shapes or arches. The Angle-izer is only $24.50 and will definitely help you with “measure twice, cut once,” so it’ll pay for itself!