Modern day retro Bluetooth phone handset

Retro styled Bluetooth telephone handset
Feel like you’re using a phone from the 80’s except it’s communicating via Bluetooth!

It’s funny how style is cyclic. Years ago, telephones were leased from the phone company and were built from what seemed to be a nearly bullet-proof thickness of plastic and metal. Obviously, since those days, phones have become just another flimsy, low-cost tech item with nearly zero durability.

If you long for those telephone handsets that double as self-defense batons, this is for you. It’s a retro-styled handset, similar to what you’d find on an old AT&T phone, except it communicates via wireless Bluetooth. This lets you use the handset with your cellphone, while it stays in your pocket, or with your laptop for Skype calls. It’s the best of both worlds – a comfortable, large handset that can be held easily on your shoulder hands-free and a complete lack of cords to get tangled in.

The retro Bluetooth handset is only $40 from Thinkgeek, which is a fraction of the cost of most Bluetooth headsets/handsets these days.