Charge your phone or iPod on the run

Portable charger for your phone runs off of normal sized AA batteries
Never be caught with a dead phone battery, whether you use a regular phone or smart phone/iPhone.

This handy little gizmo lets you charge your Nokia, Samsung, LG, Palm, iPhone, Blackberry, and pretty much any other phone while you’re on the road. It uses a couple of regular Energizer lithium batteries, which can be bought at any mega-mart or grocery store, and dumps their energy into your phone.

With this pocket-sized charger, you don’t have to worry about sitting near an outlet in the airport, hoping your phone will charge before the next flight. Or, you can charge your phone while driving in a rental car when you forgot your car charger (or if you don’t even have one!)

There are two versions of the Energizer Energi To Go — one that has a mini-USB connector and one that covers LG/Samsung/Nokia/Palm. Oh, and you iPhone and iPod users aren’t left-out either as there is a version specifically for charging the iPhone and iPod. All are under $30.


  1. Hey, that looks pretty handy. Are the batteries rechargeable? If not I wonder how long the batteries would last?

  2. This would be great for my kids on trips! They can never seem to remember to charge their devices before we leave and then I have to listen to complaining the whole way there – LOL!

  3. It looks like a good idea. But, I’ll have to check if it’s compatible with my “ancient” phone.