Portable spy system just like in the movies

Whether you’ve got a legit use for covertly recording audio and video or you just want to feel like James Bond, this affordable spy system will captures the information you desire.

The AV25 spy bundle includes everything you need to feel like James Bond. It has a tiny video camera, microphones, and of course, a tiny digital recorder to capture all of the shennanigans, hoodlums, dark-alley deal, and other things you might want to capture.

The recorder captures video at 320×200 and will grab up to 6-7 hours of video on a single battery charge. The recorder will also do double-duty as a 64 gram MP3 player and video player which supports MP4, AVI, FLV, and many other formats.

The AV25 bundle is only $120 — not a bad price for something you can live the spy life with during the day, and let the kids watch videos on during the next family vacation!

[Thanks Al]

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  1. I think the best part has to be battery endurance of 6-7 hours.

  2. What’s great about the above “spy system” is that it is self contained.

    Most spy cameras send a wireless signal to a receiver and recorder, over the airwaves.
    The problem is with so many wireless devices and communications, there is a big interference problem.

    But with the spy camera above, the recorder is directly attached to the camera, so there is no interference problem. SO it’s much more reliable.