Star Trek and golfing collide into a unique putter

Golf putter is shaped like the starship Enterprise
I’m sure that Captain Picard used a putter like this to practice his shots in the ready room, that is when he wasn’t on the holodeck…

(Warp) drive your putts into the (black) hole with the accuracy of a photon torpedo using this amazing putter!

The special design of this golf putter gives you an especially forgiving club, which every golfer wants. However, the strange shape and layout of the weights gives it a distinctively Star Trek Enterprise feel with tiny warp engines on either side of the main body. The Enterprise putter head is made from CNC machined stainless steel and features a space-age urethane insert for a soft feel.

Whether you want a great club or enjoy the Star Trek reference (or both!) you’ll want to check-out the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 putter head which is $70.


  1. That is definitely a unique putter. Beam me up Scotty, I think I’ll be looking at these if it really will forgive and improve my putting as that’s probably not the best part of my game.