Shred some asphalt with your mad snowboard skills

The Razor RipStik street skating board
Keep your snowboarding skills sharp even during the summer.

So, you like to snowboard during the winter, but what do you do when it’s summer and there’s not a flake of snow to be found? You buy the Razor RipStik castor board and keep on carving.

The RipStick claims to have snowboard-like carving ability and adds the ability to accelerate without skateboard-like pushing. I’m guessing that it snaking the hinged sections of the board to create a forward movement. If posing is more your style, you may select from pink, green, red, or blue in an attempt to match the current style.

The Razor RipStik is around $100.


  1. Wow, that’s cheap! Snowboarding equipment tends to be very expensive. The link appears to be dead =(

  2. Thanks for the tip – link is fixed.