Lifevest for your keys

Save yourself the hassle of diving for dropped keys by getting this pocket-sized automatic inflatable keychain buoy.

Imagine it: the sun is shining, you’re blasting around on the water in your new speedboat having a good time with a bunch of friends. As you are undoubtedly slamming a few beers in the process, it’s probably that someone might accidentally drop their keys over the side of the boat. Uh oh — it’s 50+ feet deep and so murky you can’t see 6 inches in front of your face.

Well, you can avoid that day-ruining event by attaching this simple, inexpensive Davis self-inflating Key Buoy keychain to your keys before you hit the water. Inside the keychain is an inflatable balloon that will automatically inflate upon hitting the water. This will float up to 4.2 ounces of weight to the water’s surface and the large orange balloon will help you spot it. Pretty slick!

Get the Davis Self-Inflating Key Buoy keychain for only $7. At that price, you can put one on anything small and valuable that might fall overboard!


  1. If you boat or play a lot in the water, these gadgets are a lifesaver. Stock up on them for the summer.