It’s got a frickin’ laser!

Putting trainer uses a laser
Sure lasers can be used for stuff like advanced physics experiments and astronomy, but how does that help Joe Sixpack? Stick a laser on your putter and find out!

Many people dread the putting part of playing golf. You have to have the putter’s face aligned perfectly with the hole, correcting for greens variation, of course. If you’re slightly off, you miss and probably end-up buying the rounds of beer at the 19th hole.

So you practice putting. And you practice. And you practice.

Perhaps, though, with the help of lasers, you can make that practice more beneficial to your score. Simply clamp the GreenHawk Ultimate Laser Putting Trainer onto your putter and place a specially made plastic target on the ground. Now, when you align the club face perfectly with the hole, you’ll see the laser’s red dot on the target and know you’re ready to swing.

It’s a pretty smart idea and simple too. Grab the GreenHawk Ultimate Laser Putting Trainer for $16 and start making the other guys in your party buy the beer!