Automatically reload your golf tee for rapid fire practice

Automatic golf tee machine
Save your back and boost your swing with one gizmo.

Any golfer knows the routine at the driving range. You bend down, carefully balance a ball on the tee, swing, and repeat. It’s lots of extraneous work that distracts you from repeatedly swinging and fine-tuning your motion.

The automatic golf tee helps remedy this situation. Simply press the lever with your club and a ball is quickly loaded onto the tee. The automatic tee holds up to 35 golf balls and doesn’t require a power source – it works simply from the press of the lever. The design works for either right or left handed players and is lightweight enough to carry to the range when you need some practice.

The automatic golf tee is only $50 and would make the perfect gift for that hard-to-please golfer on your list.