A Duffer’s Dream: Golf ball radar system

Find your lost golf balls easily
Give your golf game a huge boost and save a few bucks on lost balls at the same time with this high-tech solution to hunting through the weeds looking for your slightly imperfect drive!

Every golfer knows the feeling. You smack the ball off the tee and instantly know it’s not going to end-up good. Whether your ball is heading towards a forest or the three-foot high weeds, you’re going to have to take a penalty shot or spend several embarrassing minutes digging through the brush hunting for that small white ball.

If this sounds like an act you’ve done more often than you care to admit, you should take a look at the RadarGolf ball tracking system. Each RadarGolf ball has a tiny RFID microchip embedded inside it which allows the hand-held tracking unit to home-in on the ball’s location with speed and precision. The balls are tournament approved and play just like any other ball — except you’ll lose fewer of them!

The RadarGolf complete system is $200 and includes a dozen balls, the handheld tracking unit and miscellaneous accessories. Once you’ve got the tracking unit, another dozen balls is $40. Not a bad price to pay when you may be able to find your ball so quickly, your golf buddies don’t even notice what you’re doing because they’re hunting for their own!


  1. How do the balls play in comparison to to regular golf balls?