World’s stupidest (and ugliest) laptop design

World's ugliest laptop
I cannot believe that this is from an established company like NEC.

Attempting to look like something out of a missile silo, the NEC TYPE-N01 laptop computer comes with several unique/stupid features including a “self destruct button”, some kind of system health display, and a bunch of cheezy stickers. The kicker is that the button and display are boxes which attach to the sides of the laptop making it larger and less transportable. What are they thinking? Of course, the stickers just make it look like something from an amateur casemod competition.

Under the hood, you’re looking at modest equipment including an AMD Sempron CPU, 1GB of RAM, etc.

You can order this atrosity of a laptop, the NEC TYPE-N01, starting at $1231. [via SciFi channel]