USB flash drive protection

Combination lock stops casual snoopers from using your USB flash drive
If you need to protect the valuable data contained on your USB flash drive but don’t want the added complexity of encryption, this combination lock may keep prying eyes away from your files.

As usual, there’s no end to goofy USB products out there. This one is a combination lock that physically clamps onto your standard USB flash drive to prevent someone from plugging it into a USB port. Of course, with the incredible security provided by the 1,000 possible combination, your potential data thief should have a low attention span so they aren’t inclined to simply take 20 minutes and try all the combinations. Oh, and make sure they don’t have a pair of pliers, because I’m guessing that’s all it takes to rip this lock off the USB connector.

If you want security for your USB flash drive that will stop the exceptionally casual snooper, check-out this USB combination lock, but if your data is really of any value, learn to use encryption instead. I’d recommend investigating TrueCrypt, which is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.


  1. what a great idea , it beats all the battery and frogs that are covering usb’s at the moment, pens and sticks are fine..but the lock idea is genius !..