Surprise visitors with a dog butt blast

Plastic dog butt farts when people walk nearby
Those motion sensing plastic yard frogs that croak when someone walks-by are soooo “old lady”. Dog butts are the new thing!

At some point, someone came-up with the “incredible” idea of making a plastic frog that will sit in your garden or on your doorstep and use its motion-sensing electronics to play a “croak croak” sound whenever someone walks-by. Yeah, they’re kinda neat — if you’re living in the early 90’s…

Today, you need to be more edgy and work harder to get those oohs and ahhs from your visitors. Let’s face it, the plastic frog just isn’t cool any longer.

However, this plastic dog-butt takes the motion-sensing-sound concept to the next level for today’s Mountain-Dew chugging Xtreme crowd! The dog butt will sense motion nearby and let a fine electronically digitized fart sound at your unsuspecting visitors, in addition to wagging its tail and wiggling. It also has a remote control so that you may activate the motion and sound on-demand.

Digger the farting dog butt is $20. Be sure to listen to the sample sound clip to ensure it meets your needs first 😉