Pocket (and wallet) busting Swiss Army knife

Gigantic Swiss Army knife
Do you have a spare $800 in your pocket for a new Swiss Army knife?

If you do, I hope that the $800 is in $1 bills because that will help stretch-out the pocket to make room to hold this behemoth!

The “pocket” knife contains all 85 possible Swiss Army tools in a single body, weighs 43 ounces, and is a whopping 8.75 inches wide. A lifetime warranty is included, but reinforced pockets are not.


  1. Cool knife!!

    Am I the first one to post on your new site?


  2. Yep, you’re the very first!

  3. WOW
    I couldn’t even imagine trying to use that.


  4. Al,

    I was the first one to post on this site. That means that I am better than you.


  5. Steve,

    This isn’t like Bens Bargins. Btw. #4’s mama wears army boots.