Office Space kit spices-up your office space

Decorate your office with this Office Space movie item kit
If you hate your job and idolize the movie Office Space, you will undoubtedly appreciate this Office Space decorating kit.

The movie Office Space was not very successful in the theaters, yet it has become a huge cult classic among the downtrodden masses of cubicle-dwelling corporate slaves. Therefore, I’d expect this Office Space Kit to be of interest to quite a few workers wanting to express their flair for work.

The kit includes a mini red stapler, jump-to-conclusions mat, a couple of TPS Report cover sheets, a couple stickers, an Initech coffee mug, and my favorite, the “Is this good for the company?” banner. All of this is packaged in an interesting box and ready to give (or receive) for only $12.99. You can hang all the stuff from the Office Space Kit up in your cube the next time your Lumbergh-like boss asks you to come-in on the weekend.


  1. Office decorating kit? It should be called office stuff kit. Decorating would mean posters, slides and whiteboards.

  2. The problem with sales products based on cult movies is reaching your potential customers.
    You need to check out any magazines, forums or websites that cater to the niche, and advertise there.
    Otherwise even if there is a good potential market for the Office Space Kit, you’ll miss it because you’re aiming in the wrong place