Nothing says “I love you” like a personalized bean

One of the bean plants that features a heart-felt message
I’m not sure this’ll get you out of the doghouse like roses would, though.

While it’s not a rapid way to deliver a message, the Message Bean is a bean that has been engraved/burned with a message such as “Love”, “Thank you”, “Good luck” or “Happy birthday”. As the bean grows, the bean husk (?) is raised out of the soil, thus exposing the message to the recipient.

This probably isn’t the way to say “I’m Sorry” for that late night out with the boys, but for the green-thumb or even treehugger in your life, this might be an effective communication gift that doesn’t needlessly murder innocent flowers.

The Message Bean is only $12 and comes pre-potted in a decorative tin pail which can re-planted once the plant gets too large.