More dancing desktop distractions

A speaker built like a dancing flower
Add another questionable plastic contraption to the list of “iPod accessories.”

You’d think that with the dozens of USB-powered gizmos, blinking doodads, and other things on our desks that distract us from doing more important stuff, that the market would be saturated. Not so.

Enter the miFlower Animated Speaker and Clock. It’s a device that plugs into your iPod “or other music player” (due to the simple headphone jack and not having an official iPod docking connector) to liven-up your listening. While this is surely to end-up in your charity donations pile less than a year from now, the miFlower tempts you with promises of waving leaves, a LCD display that changes to the music, and even LED-lit leaves.

If your desk still has room for yet another motorized, wiggling gizmo, you can grab the miFlower for $25.