Make your slow car sound fast with this fake turbo

The Sunami fake turbo sound kit
Don’t have enough money for a nice car? Are you also a bit short on funds to trick-out a Civic with a real turbo? Don’t worry, the Sunami turbo noise simulator has you covered!

With this clever system of loudspeakers and a electronics, your car can emit the infamous turbo wastegate sound making everyone around you think that you’ve got more under the hood than the base-model 4-cylinder. And, if that doesn’t make you feel cool enough, there is an activation switch so that you can manually trigger the sound at stoplights and other places where you’d never hear a real turbo vent! Be sure to check-out the sound clip to hear the ultra-realistic sound! 😀

The kit, however, does not come with a whale-tail, fart cannon muffler, or ugly bright green or orange metallic paint.

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  1. you must be a sad person if you want to buy this!!

  2. hi there…i’m from Malaysia…how much it cost to ship to Malaysia?
    Any agent/retailer here?
    reply me at:
    [email protected]

  3. still waiting your answer…TQ

  4. Thanks for the interest TQ, but I’m not a vendor – I just wrote about it. You can find the link to the vendor in the article above.

  5. This is the funniest thig I have ever seen, I saw this at SEMA a few years back and it was the joke of the event.

  6. i think civic is not a good car


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