Hillbillies rejoice! Animated animals for your hitch

Trailer hitch toy has animated motorized critters
If you’ve got a redneck or a hillbilly on your shopping list this year, here is a product that’s sure to excite them: motorized, animated animals and motorcycles that mount on their pickup truck’s hitch!

What’s a good redneck to do if their pick-em-up truck is driving around without anything connected to the hitch? They could buy those silly Truck Balls that you see in various places, but that’s really yesterday’s news in the world of monster trucks and 4-wheeler ATVs.

Instead, your redneck friend can pop a motorized, animated waving deer, tail-flopping bass, chomping dog, motorcycle-riding hog or flapping duck (notice the quality redneck themes!) onto that empty hitch and begin impressing all their friends all over the trailer park. Each Animated Hitch Critter plugs into the connection for the trailer brake lights so no additional complicated “wirin’ and stuff” is required. It’s plug-and-play that any good old Alabama Boy can do!

Grab a Hitch Critter for your redneck buddies (I’m guessing that the hillbillies themselves won’t be reading this site and that you’re buying for a friend, but nobody will know if it’s really for you!) for $25. There’s a small video at the site showing each Critter in its full awesomeness.


  1. This is a must have!!! I need one for everyone in the family. My brother billy bob will go nuts once he gets out of jail and dries out for one of these.

    sl 🙂