Hide your recharging gizmos in a hideous hideout

Recharge your portable electronics in the Ebase Charging Station
I’m not sure what these people are thinking, but they have created a charging station for your various PocketPCs, cellphones, iPods, and other rechargeable gizmos which is absolutely hideous. You’d think that buying a “station” to handle the recharging of your toys would mean that you get something better than the typical clutter of cords and AC adapters, but this monstrosity may actually be uglier than any mass of cords.

I guess that the smoke-black translucent version is not quite as bad, and in any color, the Ebase Charging Station might be useful, but why do they choose to show it off in that awful bright orange plastic?

The details are sparse and it sounds like a pretty bare cabinet to store things in with no mention of a power distribution system or anything like that. What do you expect for $180? Oh… yeah… more than a cabinet – I understand and agree. I’m not sure who the target market is for the Ebase Charging Station, but I’m sure someone will think they’re worth the price.