Fake sunroof just sticks on

Fake sunroof sticks onto the top of your car
If you’re wanting the appearance of having a sunroof on your car but don’t really care about whether it lets any sun in or not, this stick-on sunroof sticker is just what you’ll need.

So, you stretched to get that new Hyundai and had to make a choice between a booming stereo with flashy wheels or a sunroof. The stereo won-out but now you’re wishing you had gotten the sunroof because your pimped ride would look so much cooler with it.

You could spend big money and have a hole cut in your car’s roof and actually install a functioning sunroof or you could just slap this fake sunroof sticker on top of your car’s roof and impress anyone who doesn’t actually get into the car. Yep, that’s right – this sticker’s sole purpose is to create the impression on passing drivers that you really do have a sunroof and by golly, that’s sure to bring the chicks in like moths to a flame!

Be sure to also get a Fake Turbo Kit to really make that ride fly!

The Decano Adhesive Fake Sunroof can be found on Ebay (be sure to read the questions from the buyers). It sold for $25 so you can be sure the seller will list some more pretty soon!


  1. Is it guaranteed to be waterproof? How much horsepower does it add to the motor?


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