Fake racing brake caliper covers

Fake stick-on racing brake covers
Maybe you bought the fake turbo sound kit I wrote about some time ago, and now you’re looking to boost the perceived “performance” of your cheap riced-out Hyundai Tiburon. What next, though? How about some fancy looking racing brakes without the painful pricetag!

Nearly every auto manufacturer has a performance model in their line-up. It might be the BMW M series, Lexus IS F, Acura Type-S, or Mercedes AMG lineup. These cars have incredible performance, huge engines, and massive prices to match! They’re loaded with turbos, body kits, and everything else to make them look the part and perform as well.

However, if you’re on a budget and trying to get your base-model Tiburon to fool the other rice-racers at the local Saturday night hang-out, you certainly cannot afford the $50K+ cost of a new car, so you’re stuck upgrading your existing ride. Maybe a whale tail, huge racing stripe down the ugly metallic orange paint, fancy spinning rims, fake turbo sound kit, and of course, the huge coffee-can fart cannon muffler tip. It looks good, in your own opinion, but there’s still something missing. OH YEAH! It’s the red colored brake calipers that you see on the real racing cars.

Oh, bummer – those cost a pile of cash. There’s no way you’ll be able to buy those with even two fast food jobs! Well, the rest of the car is fake, all the way down to the “AMG type-S” sticker, so why not get some fake Brembo type brakes as well?

Here’s your answer: caliper covers. These wonders of modern technology install with adhesive right over the top of your existing ugly, rusting calipers and make them look just like Brembos. Awesome! And, they’re much cheaper at only $50-150 for a set, so you should be reaching for your wallet fast and furiously to get these!

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  1. I hate those fake mods for cars, how can somebody spend money on something that’s fake and is not making any difference in performance of their cars ?