Economy cardboard iPhone case

Cardboard iPhone carrying case
Has the economy hit you a bit hard recently so that you need to protect your iPhone while still maintaining your budget? This iPhone carrying case gives you the protection you desire at a wallet-friendly price!

With the average iPhone hitting your wallet for about $300, it’s on most people’s minds to place it in a protective case to help prevent damage. However, when you’re looking at those chintzy plastic cases at the local store and see the shocking $25+ price tags, you’re probably gonna feel ripped off (I know I did – “$25 for a tiny thin piece of plastic???”)

Thanks to Case-Mate’s iPhone Recession Case, you can protect your precious iPhone without breaking the bank. You can even get a customized version featuring Sharpie artwork! The case is made of durable, eco-friendly cardboard that can be recycled when you get the cash to upgrade to a more expensive case.

Get the Case-Mate iPhone Recession Case for 99 cents or get a “Bailout Bundle” of 10 cases for only $7.99!

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