Capture someone’s nasty chili-dog burp forever

An example Breath Capture pendant
The internet is a big place and I guess that if enough people get online, you’re going to be able to sell anything to someone. Enter the Breath Capture series of personal mementos which allow you to forever capture the breath of a friend of loved-one in a small tube.

Yep, you read that right — a tube which somebody blows into so that you may “capture their breath” to enjoy for eternity. Believe it or not, these even come with instructions, presumably for the people who could not figure-out that an old mayonnaise jar can do the same thing. You’d look like a big-time rapper with a mayo jar hung around your neck compared to the refined and tasteful jewelry that Breath Capture offers.

The Breath Capture tubes can be purchased in everything from pendants to earrings to desk displays. Now, you can show-off your buddy’s nasty chili-dog belch secretly on your desk while you climb the corporate ladder.