Bling bling booze holder

Shot glass shaped like a diamond ring
Pouring your Hennessy ‘yac on the floor is sooo yesterday. All the cool rappers and thugs will be pounding their hooch from their finger-mounted, diamond-shaped shot glasses.

Your fingers are no longer relegated to holding plain rings and your hands must no longer painfully hold your pimp cup. Thanks to modern technology, you can now get a shot glass that’s shaped like a gigantic diamond ring. You just flip the lid open, pour-in your favorite booze, and then walk around like Snoop Dog while others gaze longingly at your ultimate coolness.

The Bishop Don the Magic Juan

Oddly, the Diamond Ring Shot Glass is sold for only $4 on a site for bachelorettes — probably just what you want your wife-to-be wearing and drinking hard booze from right before the wedding.