Your fingerprint opens this personal document safe

Protect your documents and valuables with this fingerprint reading lock-box
If you have a little lock-box at home which you keep a few valuables in, you can take the security to the next level by using your fingerprint to control access to the contents!

Many people have a small lock-box or fire-safe at home which they use to store important documents or small valuables that they don’t want everyone to have access to. Usually, these boxes are locked with a key, which may be secure, but it’s certainly not convenient.

That’s why the BioBox was created. It’s a small security box that will hold your documents and goodies just like any other security box, except the BioBox uses a biometric security system that only allows access if the correct fingerprint is provided. The system will allow up to six users to add their prints to the access list and the information is stored in flash memory so you can still gain access even if you let the batteries run-out. The box is made of steel and has a locking cable that can be used to attach the BioBox to another object to prevent it from being carried-away.

The BioBox biometric lock-box is $240 — perfect for keeping nosy room-mates or kids out of your stash!