Hide your valuables in a cheap looking clock

Wall clock conceals a security safe
Why hide a wall safe behind a fancy painting when every burglar knows about that? Instead, keep your goodies in a much cheaper, more functional type of hidden safe: a clock!

We’ve all seen the movies — the burglars all know to look behind your wall-hung paintings and photos because that’s where most people hide a wall safe if they have one. So, not only do you have to buy the safe itself, but you have to get it installed and then hang a piece of artwork in front. You won’t have many millions left to store in the safe after that!

Instead, get this cheap safe that’s disguised as a wall-clock. It’s got a fully functional clock on the front and features a hiding space behind the clock. What a simple, good idea! Oh, and it’s so cheap looking, if the burglars see it through the window, they might just choose another house to rob!

Get the hidden wall-clock safe for only $8 and have plenty of cash leftover to actually put inside it.


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  2. So this will be a place where no thief will dare to look. great idea