Avoid being locked-out with this lock-box

Miniature safe holds your spare keys securely
Nobody likes leaving their spare house keys under a rock or doormat these days, especially when you can have a secure locked key safe instead!

In the decades past, people would either leave their home’s door unlocked or place a spare key under the doormat just in case someone got locked-out or a neighbor needed to get into the house. Today, though, we’re not so lucky to live in a crime-free world, so we don’t want to leave the spare key in such an obvious location.

Instead, you can buy the GE Slimline KeySafe to hold your keys. It’s a small, sturdy titanium box that you affix to a sturdy wall, and which can be opened only if you know the access code. There are 10 push-buttons which allow you to program your choice of 1,000 codes and no batteries are required, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Grab the GE Slimline KeySafe for just under $39, which is far cheaper than a visit from the locksmith if you’re ever locked-out, and way cheaper than getting your home robbed!