Radio control NSECT is half toy, half robot

The Tyco NSECT radio controlled toy/robot
Possibly related to a Battlebot, the inexpensive NSECT combines pinchers, six legs, and a gatling-gun style launcher.

This is no ordinary radio-controlled toy. The Tyco NSECT features six legs, laser-lit eyes, a snapping pincher mouth, and best of all, a 6-shot rapid-fire missile launcher. The launcher appears from under the hard plastic wings and can be fired in single-shot or all-at-once modes. The pincer jaws can grab and hold items while the robot is walking around.

The Tyco NSECT appears to be something that will keep kids entertained much longer than a normal R/C car since it can be used to complete challenges and also shoot things with the foam darts. It may even be useful as an educational aid to interest small children in robots, eventually leading to things like the Lego Mindstorms NXT.