Own your own mini Mars rover robot

The SRV-1 remote camera robot
With its dual tank-tread drive system, an on-board wireless camera, high-powered ARM processor, and plenty of other gizmos, the SRV-1 is ready to explore your local environment.

The open-source robot can be controlled via a Java control center over USB or wireless. The wireless module allows a range of up to 300 feet. Interestingly, the on-board digital video camera is capable of 640×480 resolution, but is limited to 320×200 by the software.

You can hack the code or even roll your own to make it do anything you want. The included control software for the ARM processor is written in GNUARM C allowing easy modification.

The SRV-1 is available via ThinkGeek at an out-of-this-world price of $375. And, for that much, it’s fully assembled.