When lounging around the pool is too much work…

Radio controlled floating pool serving tray
You know, sometimes laying next to a pool is just plain hard work. You have to sweat all that water, process all that vitamin D from the sun’s rays, and above all, you have to stay awake so you don’t get a horrible sunburn. Oh, when will the toiling ever end?

Well, now thanks to the radio-controlled floating serving tray, at least you don’t have carry those heavy drinks and snacks around by hand. You just set the desired food items on the 9 inch diameter tray, taking care to insert cans into the five drink holders and food into the center compartment, and then you grab the remote and pilot the tray to its destination.

The radio controlled floating serving tray has a range of 25 feet and can rotate in addition to moving forward and backward, ensuring that you can reach all of your lazy, lounging guests in all but the largest pools.

Imagine the effort you’ll save by not having to actually walk around the pool! All of this pool-side luxury can be had for a mere $50 which is far less than you’d pay for a cabana boy.