Remote Control Apache AH-64 attack helicopter

Micro rechargeable Apache AH-64 remote control helicopter
Conduct micro-scale attacks on your co-workers with this tiny remote control helicopter!

Another in the line of the Picco-Z style copters, this officially licensed AH-64 Apache rechargeable micro copter is designed for indoor flying in very small spaces. It charges by connecting to the transmitter and is ready to fly in just a couple of minutes for up to 15 minutes. The transmitter uses infrared technology and is available in three different channels so you can fly with a couple of friends to conduct organized attack waves or mock battles.

The PicooZ micro Apache AH-64 remote controlled helicopter is $33. Read my Picco-Z micro copter review which is a similar item and will help you see what a beginner can do with them.


  1. The picco-z was a lot of fun for a $25.00 toy. I give it two thumbs up.

  2. It’s the sneak attacks I like the idea of. Hiding under the desk and keeping that thing buzzing round the room for 15 minutes. Childish but fun!