Radio control metal detecting car

Metal detecting radio controlled car
Discover untold riches and treasure without leaving your beach chair with this radio controlled car with built-in metal detector.

Have you ever seen those commercials which show people using hand-held metal detectors, claiming that it’s good exercise? Well, while the walking around may be better exercise than simply sitting on the couch, it may be too much to ask for the laziest of treasure seekers out there.

Enter this radio controlled metal-detecting car.

This fun little off-road-esque car can be driven around while you lounge in a beach chair. As you control the car at up to 25 feet away, it will signal you when it detects metal objects buried up to 4 inches deep. It even includes four fake dubloons you can find in case you live somewhere that a pirate never set eyes on.

Grab the radio controlled metal detecting car for $50. Just remember that if it actually finds anything, you’ll have to get your lazy butt out of the chair to dig the loot out of the ground.

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