Backyard battles with radio controlled tanks

Radio controlled tank shoots infrared beams
Not only are these realistic, dual-tracked tanks which can climb over obstacles and turn on a dime, but they also have infrared guns and a scoring system which lets you have real battles!

I had a radio controlled tank when I was a kid. It was awesome. It climbed over nearly anything reasonable, looked cool, and well, it’s a tank… every boy loves that!

However, I had to pretend to shoot things. As with most things in the 80’s, you had to use your imagination to fill-in the missing features on the various products you bought.

Kids today have it made, though. These radio controlled tanks not only have the same impressive off-road, obstacle-climbing ability that my tank did, but they also have motorized rotating turrets that spin 330 degrees and fire infrared beams. The tanks are equipped with an IR detector so that they can tell when they’re “hit” with the beam, and the tank will count six hits before becoming disabled and therefore declaring a winner in the battle.

The tanks operate on six frequencies so you can battle with up to six other people at a time. They have three forward speeds, can climb 30 degree inclines, simulate reloading times, and lots more really cool stuff! Check the video below out to see them in action.

You can get the VS Tank at your local hobby store in the radio control section. You can also get them at Tower Hobbies for around $70.