Stealth wall-mounted aquarium

Aquarium that mounts in the wall to save space
Do you love the look of a nice, clean, bright aquarium but don’t have the space to devote to a full-sized floor-standing tank? With this wall-mounted tank, you can have your tank after all!

Here’s a cool idea: A small, thin fish tank that installs in the wall so that the window is flush with the wall’s surface and appears similar to a picture frame. The aquarium can be mounted in nearly any wall that you’d hang a TV on, thanks to the special high-strength bracing that’s included.

The tank is made of tempered glass and includes the pump, lights, and other basic equipment you’ll need to get your fish swimming. Just add your own rocks, coral, decorations, and of course fish.

The in-wall aquarium may be lightweight and small, but the price sure isn’t. It’ll run you $800 for the base system.


  1. Great idea. My friend has one in her kitchen, I thought it was some TV screen until I saw the fish moving. Fits in limited space yet gives a nice feel. Just like a picture frame.

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  2. Just a follow-up to my last comment. I just came across an aquarium made to look like an old TV set. Wow! What will they think of next?Of course, it’s not the “Stealth wall-mounted aquarium” but it looks great anyway.