Futuristic fish aquariums

Custom aquariums have a futuristic design
None of us may ever live to see a truly different future where arcology is used for human living, but you can bring a bit of futuristic flair to your home with these hand-made aquariums that look like something from a sci-fi TV show.

Aquariums are pretty cool in general, expecially the salt-water type. The myriad of colors from the corals, brightly patterned fish, and shimmering water are relaxing and mesmerizing.

However, a design studio called Octopus Studios thinks that the basic rectangular design of nearly every aquarium on the planet can be improved. What they came-up with is a very unique, futuristic looking design of globes connected by smaller tubes. There have been many designs for human living based upon the concept of arcologies, where there are various ecosystems combined to makes a larger framework of high-density living space.

These aquariums utilize some of those principles to create various sub-chambers for your fish, in which you can create different environments. The fish can swim from chamber to chamber, although I’d guess you could place barriers between the nodes if you wished to keep certain species separated for any reason.

The Silverfish aquariums aren’t cheap — they are hand-made and you need to place a deposit before they will begin working on your custom design. However, there isn’t much in the world of high-end aquariums that is cheap, so maybe it’s worth the premium to have a bit of sci-fi in your fishtank.


  1. Wow, very cool indeed! I didn’t even see any prices on their website, you have to contact them for a quote! They must be pretty costly ;-p

  2. They do look great, but I recently got rid of some fish tanks as they take a lot of effort to clean and you have to do it regularly – I just ran out of patience.

    Just wondering how on earth you clean those tanks. It’s fairly easy with a square opened top tank but those ones look like an absolute nightmare. Think about getting algae off the insides of the glass – you need to get your hand inside which probably means disassembling the whole thing (better keep your old tank to store the fish while cleaning!).

    I expect it would keep the fanatics happy trying to work it out though.