Doggles – Eye protection for your pooch

Doggie sunglasses
There’s no end to what people will spend on their kids and pets (are kids pets?) and these “eye protection” goggles for your dogs are a fine example.

If your dog just has to have the latest stylish eyewear that provides him with UV protection, anti-fog lenses, and interchangeable lenses, then these Doggles goggles will be just what you’re after. Each set of the doggie glasses are made with an ultra-flexible rubber frame which is held on Fido’s head with a comfortable elastic strap.

Get the Doggles doggie sunglasses for $22 and be the highest fashion, butt-sniffing model on the runway… err… street.

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  1. This is hilarious!

  2. I could see my dogs wearing these. I mean why not, they look cool. Actually, I wouldn’t get them because I do not like dressing my dogs up.

  3. Coolness factor =wow, 10 you will get a ton of attention.
    Practical = 5 if you take you dog with you in a motorcycle side car this is a must, but shades at the pool are not needed.
    Cost= 5 pretty expensive. if they were not cool I would give cost a 2.
    Overall rating 8 the cool factor is just so high. If you could use this a an ice breaker with a pretty girl this thing is worth the money